Frontline Machinery mobilizes crushing equipment in the high arctic for the Canadian Armed Forces

Written By: Frontline Machinery
Date: August 31, 2021

Alert Nunavut, Canada, is the northernmost most northern continuously inhabited place in the world, located just 817 kilometers from the geographic North Pole. The terrain is rugged and undulating with hills and valleys. Home to polar bears, seals, wolves, and Alert’s temporary inhabitants, staffing CFS Alert; a Canadian Armed Forces Signals Intelligence Intercept Facility, on the northeastern tip of Ellesmere Island.

Those living in Alert must adjust to full daylight during the summer months and full darkness during the winter season. There is an astonishing variety of wildlife in the area, but the total population is small due to the scarcity of food. With one person every 40 square kilometers, it virtually feels worlds apart.

Supporting infrastructure in such a remote location takes extensive planning and effort. The harsh environment puts extra wear on machines and crews alike, and it is critical to maintain key facilities for Canadian military operations and Search and Rescue. When CFS Alert required a new crushing spread for their quarry operations in the high arctic, Frontline Machinery was up to the task delivering a Keestrack H4 Cone Crusher and B4 Jaw Crusher.

To make such a delivery possible, our Frontline’s service technicians had to first disassemble both machines, breaking them down into multiple aircraft load packages, using precise configurations. The machines were then flown to Alert on a C17 military plane. The technicians later flew in on a military C10 plane for reassembly, mobilization, and to facilitate the operator and mechanical training.

With intricate planning and precise execution, Frontline Machinery was able to successfully perform this difficult, but memorable task, in one of Canada’s most rugged yet beautiful landscapes!