Keestrack R3e Impact Crusher Red Dot Award

Written By: Frontline Machinery
Date: June 6, 2018

Keestrack R3e impact crusher

After many years of R & D and asking customers and distributors worldwide, what is on their wish list for a compact mobile recycling crusher for demolition & recycling in the next 5 to 10 years, Keestrack found the answer.

After analyzing all information, Keestrack developed a brand-new impactor for this area of business. Keestrack launched its brand-new impact crusher, the R3e at the Intermat trade show in Paris. The crusher has been designed to meet all criteria of the user while operating on site, considering the stringent requirements needed in the following areas:

  • Weight & transport dimensions
  • Dust suppression
  • Noise levels and noise suppression
  • Health & safety regulations
  • Automation and innovation
  • Environmental & emission levels
  • Low costs per ton
  • High productivity and excellent end-product quality meeting the EQAR standards, the European Quality of Recycling Association, as per the RAL 501 quality standards.

It was a huge challenge to meet all requirements above.

Keestrack R3 Intermat Paris Red Dot Award

The Red Dot award winning R3e is the result, the latest state of the art innovation for the recycling and demolition industry, designed for the use in its day to day requirements and environmental standards.

Below the main technical features of this new impact crusher.

  1. By using specialized steel in the frame and components the transport weight of the unit has dropped by 11 %. Resulting in a unit, including options like a screen module and magnetic separator, just under 30 tons in weight. In parts of the frame very high tensile steel has been used with a strength of St700. In the feed hopper of the unit, HB450 and HB500 steel has been used. There is no other compact mobile impactor on the market today that can meet these criteria with such a large crushing chamber and after screen module.
  2. The impact crusher with built on after screen has the following transport dimensions: L=12.900 mm; H=3.200 mm; W=2.540 mm and can be transported in all European countries without special permits, in both aspects, of dimensions and weight. No parts of the R3e need to be transported separately. With its hydraulic folding system, the unit can be folded to its one-piece transport mode within 5 minutes. This is due to the unique design and use of special tensile strength materials lowering the transport weight and size of the unit.
  3. Next to the standard available dust suppression with spraying areas in the crusher in- and outlet, the R3e is available with a unique optional separate automated dust suppression system. When the crusher is running a signal to the anti-dust control system is given, which activates the dust suppression cannon. The fine mist water droplet system with its tiny droplets of <50 microns in size, uses around 45 liters of water per minute. The high velocity air fan ensures a perfect throw to enclose the dust particles and causes them to fall down. The whole crushing unit and the (un)loading area can be surrounded with a fine mist using the oscillation of the cannon. Other systems, use 5 to 10 times more water compared to the Keestrack W4 dust suppression cannon. This high-tech system keeps the dust levels down to a minimum which is extremely important in water protection areas due to the amount of water used.
  4. Noise levels of the R3e are reduced by over 30% compared to a standard unit due to the unit’s unique electrical hybrid system. The diesel engine of the R3e can be switched off and the unit can be run over a noised suppressed generator set or on the main electrical power grid. The R3e can also be fitted with a noise reduction rubber lining in the loading area of the hopper, so the noise is suppressed when loading the crusher with an excavator or wheel loader. In addition, the extra-large fan for cooling the engine is running at only 1.300 R.P.M. which gives a reduced noise level compared to standard fans, running at 2.000 R.P.M. or more.
  5. Zero emission levels due to the hybrid system when running on main grid electrical power. Both crusher and the anti-dust suppression system run while the diesel engine is switched off. Due to the 63 A plug-out connection additional electric equipment, like stackers or other electric equipment, can be connected, which allows an emission-free operation.
  6. An Anti-Vibration system is provided for all suspensions of electrical switch cabinets to avoid faults in the control. This system acts as air cushion damper.
  7. The Keestrack-er telematics system is running over a UMTS GPS tracking system transferring all parameters and load conditions in real-time access to tablet, laptop or smart phone of the operator in the safe environment of the excavator- or wheel loader cabin and informing him of the crushers performance and if any technical problems occur. This results in a high level of health and safety as the operator does not need to leave the safe area of his cabin. All data is sent to him on a 5 second sequence and to the office of his supervisor or planner, the distributor and the manufacturer, who can all help and assist via the telematic system. The GPS system also protects the valuable crusher from theft with its geo fencing tracking system and informs the service operator where the unit is on site, reducing on site movement.
  8. The R3e archives the lowest costs per ton using its high productive rotary impact crusher with a capacity up to 250 tons per hour and cutting the running costs of the unit up to 70% when connected to the main grid electrical system.
  9. Highest quality grade end-product in RAL 501 Norms due to the rotary impact crusher. The material can be reused on site, reducing transport of virgin material and cutting costs drastically by using high quality recycled aggregate on site. With the optional 3rd impact panel, which functions as a milling beam, the R3e can produce a higher percentage fine material of excellent quality.
  10. The R3e has the largest crushing chamber in its weight class (H=770 mm; W=960 mm) and largest after screen size (L=3.100 mm; W=1.400 mm) in such a compact light weight unit, enabling the customer to work on job sites with very limited space. The unique design with extensive coverings and wide-opening doors set the standard for accessibility and maintainability.

Keestrack calls this the 10.1 system, all 10 major features covered in one unique R3e, award winning, impact crusher.

For the R3e there are lots of options available, besides the ones already discussed above, to finetune the machine to the specific application of each individual contractor, such as a windsifter for oversize fraction.

Keestrack is convinced demolition contractors worldwide will experience less problems on site due to the improved environmental, health and safety, transport and operating requirements of the R3e as all criteria have been covered. Also, the high productivity at the lowest costs per ton will make their company more profitable. Keestrack will endeavor to improve all its units to meet the stringent levels, required in the demolition and recycling industry.