Leading wood grinder and wood chipper manufacturer in the USA

CBI Equipment

Since its founding in 1988, Continental Biomass Industries has changed the standard by which all wood grinder performance and support is now measured. Through a combination of state of the art design, the latest in materials technology and unwavering commitment to quality and customer service, the CBI name has become synonymous with performance and reliability in a broad range of grinding, chipping and flailing applications the world over.

Our Promise

CBI makes it easy to do business. The bottom line is that we want to fully understand your business needs and deliver a superior product that gives you a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

CBI – Continental Biomass Industries | Quick Facts

  • Manufacturing Square Footage 32,000 st ft
  • Headquarters Square Footage 64,000 sq ft
  • Technical Phone Support 24/7
  • Founding Year 1988
  • Terex Aquisition 2015



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